SPOOKY: We Dare You To Take Your Mind Off These 18 Scary Pictures

Historical photographs are a great way to peek in the past and they become more fun when you actually don’t know in what context were they clicked. Here, giving some wild guesses of what the photographers might have thought and what actually was happening gives it a whole new perspective.

There are many such historical photographs that are hell spooking no matter that is the real story. We warn you that these are some really spooky and haunting photographs of the past that might become your nightmare for some days from now. So scroll down only if you have a strong gut:


1) The Coven Goals:


The White pointed hats and the black cape certainly makes for a dress-up for doing some black magic. The men look scary in that dress while lighting candles in hand.


2) A Scene From Don Corleone’s Garden:


The Snow is Ok even the clothes look fine but wait are they burying the horses intentionally. We guess so, why else would someone let the poor horses out in the snow??


3) Oh! This Doesn’t Seem Normal:


Did you see that picture? It has all the elements of horror; the facial expressions, the look of the man and the head of the baby; isn’t it a little big for the body?.


4) The Oath Of Secrecy:


Again the pointed hats and the veiled black attire, the guys in the photo seem to be taking the oath of secrecy before doing something creepy.


5) The Joined Hands:


A burning car and 5 people with cartoon masks and joined hands; what does it signify? The end of the world??


6) Is It Even Possible:


Imagine you drop down your knife while cut opening the chest of the dead body you are experimenting on and someone helps you pick it up. Then suddenly you realize that you are all alone…


7) We Knew That Would Happen:


We warned you about these pointed hat people?


8) A Spooky Sunday Brunch:


Oh Gosh, Is this even real? Why would they come like this for a brunch party?


9) The Tied Up Man:


Why do you think he is all tied up?? Is there some spooky experiment under process?


10) The Food Is To Be Cooked:


They keep the humans in the cage to make sure they are pure and clean before eating them.


11) A Land Of Dead People:



We surely do not wish to be in this place, where ever the hell is it on this earth.


12) Not At All Cute:


Neither beautiful nor cute; the girl is nothing but obsessed.


13) The Scary Twins:


That can be the wind or just a blur picture; but, what if it is something more. Oh God that is scary.


14) If You Too Can See It


Yes, The man on the back of this cute baby portrait makes it no cuter.


15) The Trendy Ghosts:


We understand prints are in but do ghosts follow the trends and more over were prints in the vogue back then??


16) Call The Doctor Please:


This one has all the wrongs; the face and my god where are the legs??


17) That Is Why I Always Hated Algebra:


They are the witches and I was sure about it from the day one.


18) This Can’t Be A Trick:


Now it can be done with a camera since technology was not that smart in yesteryears.

If you are shivering with fear and have a numb spine, we are not to be held responsible. As you know we warned you before.

All Images Were Sourced From Here.