Street Art: These Artists Are Redefining Graffiti. See For Yourself

What’s the first thought that comes to our mind when we talk about graffiti and street arts? May be Vandalism? Work of the rebels? Or Teenage stunt and waste of time

But that’s not the case all the time. Over the years, what we thought was nuisance and destruction of properties, is actually great artists coming forward to give new meanings to the barren and untamed.

In fact today street art is being favoured all over the world, so much so that some of the pictures have found places in many art international galleries and museums.

Here are few amazing street arts and graffiti that are truly some kind of artist inspiration.


1) Jackie Chan Stunt – My way


2) Soft, Shiny and Greeny Hair




3) Imagine this in Spring, Gorgeous!


4) I am the Cute Sweeper


5) Coughing Sewage?




6) Stunt Woman


7) Some Refreshing Drink? Hope it is filtered!


8) Sliding to the wonderland





9) Roadside Bar


10) Very intensely meaningful


11) Blaring to Satellite




12) Ooops!! Imaginations Welcome


13) This ostrich has a perfect shape


14) Celebrating With Natural Pom-Poms?




15) Einstein is ever-GREEN


16) A tiny spider man, I Say! Whoooooshhhhh


17) If that’s not an Artist’s extensive mind what is it? Dessert and Oasis




18) The Statue’s shadow turns magical in the night


19) Now that’s clearly one of the largest spectacles. But how creative can we get?


20) There you go!! Math is everywhere




All Images Were Sourced From Here