Teenager Turns His Graduation Gift, A Pickup Truck, Into A Brilliant Automobile

For a teenager growing up signifies owning a car. Teens live with the fantasy of graduating to a brand new four wheeler. Almost everyone out there will agree that their first experience with the steering wheel is a valued memory. However, teens usually express distaste when they are handed over ancestral cars that are a part of the family heirloom.


But that just didn’t happen with 18 year Luke Merill.

Unlike other fellas of his age, Luke decided to do something brilliant with his graduation gift – A Pick-up truck.

Look at the pictures; you will know what he did.

18 year old Luke Merill lived in the natives of Minnesota. Like any other teen, he was extremely thrilled as his graduation day was nearing. On his graduation day, his parents gifted him with their family heirloom truck of 20 years, 1965 model Chevrolet C-10 half ton pick-up truck.


The truck’s condition was seemingly bad, pretty beaten up and very shabby; however, Luke was totally excited to get it and decided to do some restoration work on it. He called it ‘Big Red, my 1965 Chevy c-10 restoration project first attempt’. He did not need any more attempts.


With $600 and a little triumph he renovated the car into a brilliant master piece. Wait until you see the complete video.


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All you gals out there, let’s hope Luke gives you a ride back to your place in his Big Red.