The Mystery Of A Giant White Rabbit. Click To Find Out

We all love mysteries. We adore scary stories, so much a part of our upbringing and growing up folklore. Then there are the aliens off course. We have heard of how aliens have secretly invaded at least minute parts of the world, established a hush-hush contact and evaded before they could even be revealed!

But news coming in from London, UK is about a weird secret sighting of someone who has left people bewildered and rather surprised? What is it?


Apparently, over the course of last 1 year, a six foot tall white colored rabbit figure appears in the heart of London, out of nowhere. The figure, believably dressed as a rabbit appears in white costume on the first day of the month and is found at exactly the same spot where it last appeared. So what is all this confusion and what does this strange tall Rabbit want?



The strange and somewhat elusive rabbit has often been spotted sporting a colorful striped scarf around the neck. He appears often on the famous Barnes Bridge, waving out to onlookers and travelers. Can you guess what their reaction is?



Most of the motorists can’t believe what they saw? They have confessed to have been waved at and at hearing strange murmuring sounds and nothing that is telling or indicative or something conceivable? The motorists admit that the white giant rabbit is in fact a somewhat surprising menacing figure. What it wants and why it appears so often every month, on exactly the same day, none know!