These 2017 Predictions Are Scary And Will Leave You Worrying

Legend has it that 2016, year of the rat or mice, in China, was stifled with rabid uncertainty. It was uncanny, it was unpredictable and boy, do we need a greater proof of it than seeing Donald Trump getting elected as the US President?



But 2017 is approaching now. It seems, a lot is going to change. But wait, there are some rather bewildering and worrying predictions that are coming up. And it doesn’t look too good, truth be told.

1) A bad year for America



Goodness, gracious! What more could happen other than Trump’s election! 2017, according to many on popular micro blogging platform is that year where no amount of praying, even to the Pope will help America’s cause, it is predicted.

The next is less scarier but kinky!

2) Nudity strikes back



It is being predicted that presidents- current and past will enforce pressure on Playboy to bring back nudity. Now that’s some optimism right there!

Does it get better in the next prediction?

3) Trump goes berserk



Wait, wasn’t be berserk now. The ‘butt pinching’ newly presidential elect, it is believed will have a bitter animosity with NATO and will declare war. Scary?

4) America exits USA?



Hey, that would be sad. And worrying. And shocking too! Why is this being predicted for 2017? Anyone?
But that’s not all. Wait till you read the next prediction

5) Trump vs ISIS



This one would be the biggest battle in modern warfare. While Obama kept secretively mum on the issue, Trump, won’t be quiet on ISIS issue. He will blaze an angry trail.