These 3 Year Old Twins Are Now Married To Each Other For A Really Bizarre Reason! Read On

We constantly find a rather devastating impact of superstition in our lives. Increasingly, it is becoming evident that common sense, albeit prevailing in times of social media comes to court the vast influence of irrationality or should one say, outright stupidity which stems from our ‘self-created’ beliefs.



And what could possibly support the above better than what a really superstitious couple did recently when they got their own twin children married to one another? The reason, sane according to them, will knock your mind and make you re-look at how the world has come to ascertain its presence according to ‘self-created’ norms, beliefs or customs.





Brother and sister, Teekatat and Tawisa were married by their parents. You read that right and yes, you have to now run for a headache medicine. No, not yet unless you read the explanation to the marriage occurring between ‘twins’.






Believed to have been perfect ‘soul-mates’ in their past lives, Teekatat and Tawisa have been married in this very year to one another, defeating all plausible and infallible pillars of rationality, rather sanity. The worst fact not only being that they are twins but that they are just 3 years old. And their parents, who haven’t yet visited the psychiatry yard, explaining the evident stupor suggest that had they not got the kids married to one another, they would have ‘died’.

Now, try beating this explanation. And when you have an answer, we would love to hear back from you.