These Beautiful Houses Are Made With Strange Materials. Click To Find Out About These Creative Masterpieces


This simple yet powerful five letter word signals life and shelters it in its premises. To most of us, the importance of a house is that of oxygen or perhaps happiness. And must we remember, we can go to a great length to make our lives beautiful. So if that is the case with lives, then imagine what all one can do to make themselves a beautiful home.

Home after all is where the heart is. So let’s take a look at some remarkable homes that are in fact made of surprising material that is as uncanny as it is inspiringly strange:


1) Home made from firewood shed



Yeah. Tricky but beautiful. Not only winter-accommodating but an all summer accommodation this.


2) Boat-house



What seems very likely to be a movie name for a fancy script is in fact a simple house made in the shape of a boat. This is dry land remember. No oceans here. Pretty still!


3) Homes made of sandbag



We are as surprised as you would be enchanted looking at this. Simply, recycled plastic bags mixed with sand and clay has led to this glorious structure.


4) Plane fuselage



You don’t need to be an aviator to enjoy some winged happiness. This is a tribute to man’s wish to fly here on land and surface albeit sans any motion.


5) Shipping container home



Yeah, how about having some fun in dimensions of 20 or 40 feet containers? Did you ever think those could be made into a house? We never imagined. But isn’t that the key to life’s enigma.