This 13 Legged Alien Is Creeping The World And Social Media

Alien! This powerful 5 letter word has found strange, dismal and at times, funny connotations in life around us. Better still, in movies, one gets to see a one-on-one correspondence with these somewhat misunderstood and creepy creatures.



But things get a little too far when aliens find obnoxious animal forms to scare the already eerie lives around us.

Take a look at this:




Just days before in November, a deep sea diver in the Indonesian party island of Bali spotted an alien creature with not one or two but 13 legs, lying sort of defunct and undetected at the bottom of the ocean.

This is what the alien creature looked like: 



Part-Jelly Fish, Part-indescribable, purely-strange, this alien creature had 13 legs and a transparent head and oddly, wasn’t too large in size either. Such a strange animal hasn’t been spotted previously ever. So the deep sea diver’s discovery at the bottom of the ocean was indeed a shell shocking revelation.

A bit more about the alien



What many are calling a sea-slug, can grow up to 12 cm in length and the most fascinating aspect about the animal is the way it feeds: they eat and feed through their transparent heads, consuming tiny fishes. And here is the funny part: when another sea creature makes contact with the sensitive cells on the inside part of its veil, the creature is then captured as potential ‘prey’.

It’s quite alluring and funny at the same time to see how a seemingly funny looking alien creature can be in fact attacking in real life! But that’s life, full of surprises in the bounty of nature.