This Is What Your Handwriting Tells About Your Personality. Read To Find Out More

Words shape meaning giving rise to understanding. This understanding defines life and therefore, attaches a purpose, thought or motive behind everything that we do in life. But in the first place, to be able to write, read and understand words is most important.



That said, we are no one to remind you about the prowess or lack of it about writing and understanding real meanings behind words and expressions. Rather, we have a thorough point to make. That, the way you write certain words or symbols, ascertains the real person or personality that lies behind the ‘hand-written’ style.

Let’s take a look at what some interesting writing styles among all of us, coming from different schools of life really indicate





Recently, celebrated graphologist Kathi McKnight revealed that the four letters that reveal the most about different personality traits are l, y, t and i. But here’s what a looped form of letter L means: It reflects that you are a person with big dreams and aspirations. Interesting isn’t it?

But there’s some unbelievably true stuff around the corner.





Sadly, this indicates that your hopes and dreams have been dashed to the ground. But don’t give it up. Better things are tucked at least expected corners. At times, we just need to click on.






The letter t, when written like this possibly reveals that the writer may be suffering from some kind of paranoia.

But wait, there’s more to follow. This fun maze just got better.





If you write the letter y this way, it means you value friendships and are sensitive about close bonds. Ain’t that right mister?






Who doesn’t like having friends around? Rather, often the point is to have many of them in order to have a full-fledged circle. Isn’t it? Those who write ‘y’ like this make indicate having a huge friend circle. Well, since when have we doubted ‘the more, the merrier’.






Ever seen home-alone? Liked it? Was Culkin any good in it? Doesn’t matter as this proves that simply, if you write ‘y’ like this, you are someone who enjoys being homebound. But wait, does that also make you lazy?

Finally the last and most exciting one arrives here





Those who like to put their best foot forward in life, believe in being incisive and paying great heed to matters of utmost importance. These are the kinds that make their ‘i’ like this.

And finally, here comes the last guesswork of the day




So you like your ‘i’ so much that you would make a cute, cuddly, tiny dotted dot on top of i? Nice, not bad. That means, you have the enjoyable, laugh out loud playful nature. Which isn’t too bad, truth be told.