This Man Predicted New Zealand’s Earthquake 8 Days In Advance. Read To Find Out

The devastating series of earthquake that took place in New Zealand, is known to everyone by now. Also, there have come up various news stories related to the calamity that took place. Some connected it with the UFOs while others had their own stories made. Some of them amusing while others a bit scary. But the question is, how many of these are actually true?



A man claims that he predicted the New Zealand earthquake a week before it occurred. Nigel Antony Gray posted a status on November 6 warning about a huge earthquake in South Pacific Region. He also claimed that the appearance of a supermoon last night would trigger the disaster.





Not only Nigel but also Seismologist Dr. John Ristau also claims that it is possible that the lunar episode triggered the tremors. He told ABC News: “When you get the tidal forces from the moon it does cause increased stresses in the Earth’s crust, so what can happen, potentially, is if you did have a fault that was almost at the very tipping point of rupturing, this could potentially act as the straw that broke the camel’s back.”




According to Prime Minister John Key, the devastating cost of rebuilding the country could cost ‘billions.’ He said that the death toll after the two people who died, is likely to rise. Mobile phone lines as well as Internet connectivity were both shut down for few days immediately after the catastrophe and are being brought to service slowly.







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