This New Wine Is Creating Ripples Across The World. Read To Find Out What It’s Made Of?

The definition for getting ‘high’ is unique and different for all of us. Some take to intricate and philosophical ways like music and spiritual learning. Some like the avidity of sassy and sultry fun, deriving pure joy from their ‘poison of choice’. Wine could be that answer for some. For others, mind expanding substances and casual indulgences in stuff like ‘hash’ or ‘weed’ or Bob Marley’s ‘reggae inspiring’ substances. But imagine, if you were to combine the dreamy soapy pleasure of weed to the high you receive from wine, how would that be?



Too high to handle, right? You won’t believe what people are consuming to go all trippy and high.

Hint – it is organic.


In actuality, wine makers in California, the heart of Hollywood, are producing a new trippy kind of high, courtesy- marijuana laced wine known as Canna Vine. This is unimaginably good.




You can now get drunk. And not feel bad about it. In fact, can derive a new kind of high. You aren’t doped in the real sense of the word but happy. And this happiness is all the more pleasurable. Want to know how?




A few conditions for consuming this brand new elixir: It’s priced at a whopping USD 120-400/bottle, can avail only one bottle as per prescription and the last pointer is a heart-breaker. Yeah, we couldn’t believe it really!




The Cannabis infused wine is only available in California. But regardless of availability, those who like to taste the holy infusion of marijuana and wine, will travel miles around the world to enjoy this infused ecstasy. We know for sure, we would 😉