This Town In Finland Has Named Its Streets After Famous Emoji’s. How Cool Is That?

No matter what you do or where your focus may lie, regardless of all the world’s glorious events, it seems Finland can never be out of action. Either for its brilliant education policies or the landmark sustainable architecture that this Nordic wonder has mastered, Finland takes very little effort to make news.

In the wake of its recent announcement about abolishing all regular school subjects, Finland is back to where it belongs- in the midst of positive news again. Wonder what it is this time? 




A town in Finland wants to name all its streets after emojis. Isn’t that simply incredible? But there’s more to the news. Find out.





It seems our lives are so implicitly impacted by social media that now, it is time to have real towns’ streets and avenues to be named after emojis. After all, that is what a town located in Southern Finland has based its identity on. But what are these names? Let’s find out.





Emojikatu and Meemikatu, are the streets in southern Finnish town that are proposed to be named after ‘Emoji’ and ‘Meme’. This proves one thing straight away! Take a guess what it is?





It’s simple. The impact of meme and emojis in our everyday life is so humungous and funnily unavoidable that one cannot not have an interface with them now in town life. But naming these streets in this way has an idea behind it which we must discover





Local Finns revealed that the names were aimed at something modern with a funny emotional aesthetic sense with a way of connectivity. And bang on!