This Woman Received A Bizarre Gift. Read To Find Out What She Did With It

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Perhaps those among us who say they don’t are either walking the path to renouncing it all, or, are simply, bluffing. But that said, a proper gift coming in as a parcel may contain the usual. It could be a box of chocolate, a bouquet of beautiful flowers that spread their fragrance all over. And if these, sound dull and overdone, then the usual territory unmasks itself as a box of wearable or a great movie collection.

But what if we told you that recently, a Tumblr user got a really bizarre gift, something she hadn’t even remotely expected. The picture on the other page will whack your brains.





Lena, a jewelry designer and a Tumblr regular got a really paralyzing courier from Haley, another social media user and, someone Lena had just no idea about.

The box contained a human toe, seemingly sliced directly from where it was rooted. But truth be told, instead of scaring the living daylights out of Lena, the jewellery designer, it only added an interesting creative angle to her work. And it turned out to be an interesting project and something she felt could stun her audience.





Instead of being petrified, Lena took the parcel from Haley into getting straight at work: designing a pendant that would have something to do with incorporation of the ‘parcel received as gift’. Now it may seem that Haley may have annoyingly uprooted her own toe and given it away. But it wasn’t that. Having undergone a medical amputation of her foot in 2011, she thought of sending the ‘left-behind’ to a designer who may have a thing or two to transform the needless into an object of fancy. One of Lana’s common modus operandi about work concerns photo-documenting her own projects, apart from working as a jewelry designer. So when the abhorrent gift reached her, she wasn’t actually scared or ducking for cover.



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