Tragic Heiress – The Lady Who Grew Up In Park Avenue Now Sleeps In Central Park

63 year old sleeps in Central Park most of the nights; Central Park which is just a mile away from Park Avenue where Marianne spent her childhood. Know Why:


Friedman –Foote was a resident in $10 Million worth apartment in 940 Park Avenue where she lived as an Upper Easter Heiress. She had an attached parlour, learned Ballet dance and also went to a prestigious New York Prep School. She was the grand-daughter of a renowned Textile Manufacturer, Isidor Kaplan in Manhattan. She lived with her mother and sister, Georgia. Her family property was about 4000 sq. ft. and is worth $10 million now.


However, fate was against her; and her assets and properties slipped between her fingers when her mother died of heart ailment. They had to sell the house for $3 million. Her mother had already sold the family business when their grandfather died in early 70s.


With that 3 million, Friedman Foote graduated from Boston University and became a nurse. She married an FBI employee and was blessed with a girl whom she named Giselle. But when the baby was 3, Marianne and her husband separated. He acquired the custody of Giselle and moved to Florida. It’s been 3 decades since she has met her daughter.


Having lost everything to debts, Marianne and her second husband, today, live in the Central Park reservoir and sleep on foam mattresses.

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