Let’s Become An Artist: These Simple Paintings Were Sold For Millions Of Dollars

The first kind of Fine Arts that we learnt during our childhood was Painting. We learnt to sketch as soon as we learned to hold pencil. We may not be Picasso but every human being has some basic knowledge about Art. Painting is an inborn talent that needs to be cultivated over time. Only a true artist will understand the underlying statement in a fellow artist’s work. Each stroke of brush reflects an untold story, like the Mona Lisa?



That’s why paintings are expensive. Infact, some art pieces are sold for billion dollars. But commoner or not, the next 10 paintings will make you wonder whether you are from another planet with no knowledge of this art form.


1) Price: US $ 1.1 million, Name: Blood Red Mirror by Gerhard Ritcher



2) Price: US $ 1.7 million, Name: Untitled by Blinky Palermo



3) Price: US $ 2.2 million, Name: Peinture (Le Chien) by Joan Miro



4) Price: US $ 1.6 million, Name: Green White by Ellsworth Kelly



5) Price: US $ 2.3 million, Name: Untitled by CY Twombly



6) Price: US $ 28 million, Name: Untitled by Mark Rothko



7) Price: US $ 46.5 million, Name: Untitled by Mark Rothko



8) Price: US $ 3.8 million, Name: White Fire I by Barnett Newman



9) Price : US $ 1.7 Million, Name: Cowboy by Ellsworth Kelly



10) Price: US $ 1.5 million, Name: Concetto Spaziale by Attese


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