Unreal: Or Maybe Surreal, But Is This Art For Real? Let’s Find Out

Art is to life what oxygen is to breathing. Rather, speaking from the perspective of an artist, art is nothing shy than the existence of an anti-dote that takes place of boredom and emptiness. So pivotal and mainstream has art become today in the 21st century, that people take to art and to expressing themselves through it as a serious business instead of just another sun burnt hobby.



And what could prove the above any better as much as the magnificent art installations of South Dakota based artist John Lopez. His creations are mind-boggling and shed a unique light on a hitherto less-visited array of creativity.


There was a time when sculptures drew serious stares and looks from people, almost absorbing the attentive ones into an intricate world where not everyone was welcomed. Then came a time where installation art focusing on abject themes and intricate albeit sensitive and moving elements like nature and atmosphere came into play. South-Dakota based artist John Lopez plans to take people into a different world altogether through his mesmerizing art.

Often adopting abandoned or unused steel scrap and infusing life into them, creating vivid and surreal pieces of work, artist John Lopez is a remarkable genius of our time. And truth be told, a bit of a unsung hero as well.



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