US Baby Girl Born “Twice” Within A Span Of 20 Mins

The tumor wanted to have the baby, but life didn’t let go. That’s what happened just hours back in the US when a tiny little baby girl was born again.



Yeah, you read that right. In a major surgery that went on for about 5 straight hours, a little girl was born successfully with doctors operating on a major tumor that growing around her tailbone had threatened to close down the girl’s heart.

But it wasn’t to be thanks to the magnificent and life-altering efforts of Texas Children Foetal Centre’s Dr. Darrell Cass. The little baby girl, it appeared was suffering from ‘Sacrococcygeal Teratoma’, a rare condition for little children her age, that sees the tumor feeding on the blood from the baby’s body.



The little girl was therefore, taken out from the mother, Margaret Boemer’s womb for 20 minutes during the 23rd week of pregnancy, having first been informed about her child’s life threatening condition during the 16th month.

But as luck would have it, the little baby girl lived. Upon the completion of the surgery, the baby girl was placed in her mother’s womb before being properly brought back to life again via an important C-section operation.



It isn’t too surprising then that the parents of the baby girl born in USA decided to name her Lynlee Hope. After all, where there’s hope, there’s life.