Weight Loss: This Is What No One Ever Told You

Extra weight has always been a problem no matter how late you realize it. You might carry the extra baggage for a long time and one fine day someone might make a comment to your surprise when you actually find how obese you have become. This is something that happened with Charlene Bazararian, who lost 96 pounds of extra weight with her hard work and dedication.

While her visit to a salon she asked for an extra large robe and was mocked by the receptionist, it was then she realized how she has become a huge punching bag.


photo courtesy of Charlene Bazararian

Charlene says she never grew up fat but it was the life that took a toll over her recently and she grabbed the excess 96 pounds on her body. She opted for careful weight training, cardio, and a very healthy diet routine that helped her get back in shape.



But, when now she is on the other side of the weight loss journey, she realizes many things about being slim that nobody ever told her.



She gets a stare when she orders a totally no oil and sides meal in a restaurant. The person accompanying her (who obviously doesn’t know what she was once) thinks why she has to starve herself. She has a genuine answer for this, “You know why I can eat whatever I want? Because I don’t eat whatever I want.”

In the gym, she gets a glance of a new bee admiring her toned body and wondering how easy things are for her. Definitely, they must have seen the obese me, says Charlene.



Here are some revelations by Charlene on success of her weight loss regime:

• You get to shop clothes infinitely and that is the best part.

• Your bathroom scale becomes of much use than an unused object.

• You don’t have to starve yourself just eat healthily.


Photo Courtesy Of Charlene Bazararian

She just had a key message to convey that it is not the time to self-pity and face denials rather take up the right inspiration and start weaving your success story right away.

To conclude here are some of her top findings for every weight loss aspirer:

• You might get those glances from your closest one when they do not find you healthy and fit but weak and sick.

• There is no finish line and shedding the weight and maintain it right there is a daily battle you have to fight.

• Life will be the same only you get inspiration and strength from your tough exercise schedule.



So, get going on your weight loss journey and come out as a fitter you.