Weird: Public Transport Sometimes Hides These 17 Incredibly Terrifying Things! Read To Find Out

The world is full of weird people and the chances of meeting them amplify when you are traveling through public transportation. Just the public in the public transport makes it special. You might find some great buddies there but not every time as most of the time we stay with our eyes located on something outside so as to avoid any controversy.

But, what when you see someone who is too hard to ignore? Yes, you stare them and then you realize that life is full of weird people. Here are some of the weirdest people you might run into a public transport:


1) A little more casual for comfort:


Seems like the girl has a spooky inside. Only then you can hold onto something so weird and  haunting.


2) The new way to ignore:


Hey, are you still using your iPod and earphones to avoid people? Come on this is the new way of avoiding any unnecessary talk.


3) Ratatouille:


Even we love to have pet rats but seeing the love of this man and his rat makes us feel GROSS.


4) Ohh, Did I board the wrong train?


Now, you don’t want to miss the shooting of Sharknado Part 2 in your local subway. And see there is the hot star of the movie.


5) Is there any doctor in the train?


Please tell him neither the water has evaporated nor the soap is made of gold. You can afford washing them once in a while. Or is it a serious disease??


6) Those red dots:


It’s ok, we understand it’s Halloween but please can you switch off your lights, it’s actually terrifying.



7) Bags have Eyes:


One might get a cardiac arrest if he notices that back in a wink of an eye. What makes you fond of such things man?


8) You need to go to the stage man:


We respect the Vietnamese culture but please can you take off those dance masks while you are traveling on the train. For god sake, kids get terrified.



9) Just Arriving:


No words; the picture says it all.


10) Some things are meant to be eaten:


You love having hair, we understand but please can you put those ribs off your head. I am supposed to cook dinner at home tonight.


11) Oh Good Lord:


The bus is boarded towards the land of weird and the ticket is free for normal people. Because we can turn you like us in no time.


12) No way this is happening:


Why? Why do you need to carry any such thing with you? Are you the one from Midnight Meat Train??


13) Please do not explain:


Whatever and whoever it is, it is looking really weird.


14) Talk to the hand:


Even we don’t want to start a conversation, it’s on with you. Please keep that thing inside; I am traveling with kids.


15) Grandma is going to miss the dinner:


The poor lady who forgot her denture on the seat; wish she had a packet of cornitos with her.


16) Isn’t it banned now:


Momma, I hate these creepy crowns. The end seems to be near.


17) Ninja boarding the train:


Seems like some Ninja is boarding the train and expects a villain to appear from nowhere.

If only seeing these photos make you feel creepy, Imagine what the photographer would have suffered while sharing the transportation with them.

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