What? Are You Telling Me This 13 Year Old Boy Has Become A Father?

Teenage years are a wonderful period in an individual’s life. These are times of fun and frolic and limitless splendor. That said, apart from the guilt-free escapades one has with friends and in the company of loved ones, it is also a time when one is vulnerable to committing mistakes. And some serious ones at that.

Perhaps there couldn’t be a fitter example to support this than the mistake a 13 year old boy made. Rather, it was a blunder, truth be told, and not just any simple mistake.

Read on to find out how this 13 year olds casual mistake changed the course of his entire life




After a night of casual love-making with his girl-friend, two years his elder, 13 year old Alfie Madden had no idea how his life was to be changed. And forever. He impregnated his girl-friend and the next thing that happened blew everyone’s mind.




Now thrust into adulthood completely out of his own undoing, rather blasphemous mistake, this 13 year old is a father to a kid. Yes, a little act of immaturity, being at an age where one is easily vulnerable to mistakes, and Alfie and his girlfriends’ life changed forever. But one cannot pass judgment just as yet: if it was for the good or worse!




Almost instantly transforming into an ‘adult’ having turned a father from being once this coy and carefree youth, 13 year old Alfie, a Briton, along with his girlfriend, Chantelle are full time parents. So much for a carefree night of amusement!