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The great thing about farming is that it is one heck of a physical activity. It is nothing less than an arduous exercise in itself, giving a farmer a good feeler about the onerous tasks one usually undertakes in more mechanical and regimented settings such as a gymnasium.

But who knew that farming could also be a way to discover some of nature’s strangest mysteries?

What you are going to see in the next page is a remarkable discovery by a Chinese farmer and you won’t believe it! 



A Chinese farmer, working deep in the Oriental hinterland, recently chanced upon a rather inexplicable looking creature. This strange looking creature is, in fact, an unusual looking spider that bears a peculiarly strange nose, closely resembling that of a hound.

Some other images are quite weird albeit telling, truth be told.



Li Wenhua, the Chinese farmer who cultivates oranges discovered this strange-looking creature while working at a farm. Initially, Li thought that the creature was some sort of a cultural relic. But soon, he would realize that the unusual-looking creature was, in fact, a rare species of spider, one of the first to be discovered in China’s Sichuan province. But there is more to this spider’s history than most would know.



Since being spotted first in 2000, it has only been sighted as many as six times to the moment when the creature was discovered by the Chinese farmer. It has now been shared that the spider is a Chinese hourglass spider, known as li shi pan fu zhu in Chinese.