You Wouldn’t Know What Is Actually Happening In These Images Unless You Click And Find Out

Popular culture has spiraled into a cesspool for funny, captivating and often, misleading information. Ditto for famous pictures and images that have captured our imagination, apparently indicative for a particular reason.

Although what they may be conveying could be some other truth altogether.

Let’s take a look at some unbelievable pictures that are as misleading as aliens in your bedroom. Farcical but captivatingly brilliant, it remains to be seen how many of us know what really is going on in these images?


1) Kissing Couple of Vancouver



Who would kiss and make out when it appears that a war sort of a situation broke out? This popular image actually has a boyfriend controlling his girl in the immediate aftermath of them being taken down by riot-police.

2) Fox in an ATM



Just why would there be a fox visiting an ATM? Burnt cash last night partying in wilderness? That is basically a prank played by a photographer who pushed a stuffed toy instead of a real fox!

But wait, that’s not all.


3) Tiger upset at Tigger



Chengdu Zoo’s escape drill (China) clearly irked our friend inside the cage. Roar to that one!


4) Famous man



How many of you know this backbone of all hilarious and often sarcastic memes? That’s actor Jonathan Goldsmith and the image is from an advert.

5) Disaster girl



Naughty? Whiny? Grinning at the face of carnage? Nope, it’s just a usual neighborhood drill and the cutie looks happy to be posing for the shutterbugs.