You’d Be Surprised To Know How This Lady Replied To A Bully When She Was Accused Of Parking Wrongly

We are in an age where increasingly cars and other modes of private transportation are out-numbering the available parking spaces.

Therefore, it is not just important but more of a requisite to make good use of available parking spaces. That said, often, either due to sheer ignorance or several other reasons, many people eat into parking spaces reserved for others; ladies, the elderly or even the differently-abled.




But recently, an interesting scenario surfaced from Concord, North Carolina that gave a completely new dimension to the talk of people occupying parking space reserved for ‘others’. The incident created a furor on social media for all the ‘right reasons’.




A lady was rubbed a tad bit strongly for leaving her car parked in a zone that was specifically reserved for veterans; ex-servicemen and servicewomen who’ve served the armed forces of the United States of America.

A note addressed to Rebecca Landis Hayes, was left on her car-parked at the ‘incorrect’ spot that attempted to guide the ‘lady’ toward having respect toward the rights of veterans. But soon, something incredible happened wherein Rebecca replied to her ‘critic’ and her reason astounded everyone.





Rebecca began her Facebook post with an apology. What followed an earnest ‘Sorry’ was a rebuke that seemed justified for all intents and purposes. Stating that she had been having a long day out in the humid locale, Rebecca used the spot for just a few minutes.

Moreover, she singled out the ‘lady’ remark vehemently, reasoning that she had served in the United States Navy for 8 years, arguing that does that not accord her the right to make use of a parking space marked for a veteran? She rightly, ‘gave it back’ to the person who left the note loathing the feminist rant leveled against her.



And truth be told, she owned the moment.