Zombie Drug In South America Is Turning Victims Into Gullible Morons. Read More Here.

Remember that time when you saw that incessant zombie apocalypse that turned harmless denizens of a city into killing machines, rather merciless killing machines? You may not have remembered the name of the movie but certainly found it difficult to let go of the paranoia happening on the idiot box, right?



And it turned out, there was some utterly repugnant drug that made its victims into zombies! Well, brace yourselves for reality imitating art and fiction this time around. The world has unleashed perhaps the most scariest drug that can inflict a killer triple impact upon its consumers; it can wipe away memory, block free-will and even kill those who consume it.



This drug’s real name is Scopolamine and for the lethality of its impact, it can block a specific neurotransmitter in the central and nervous system. Alleged to have been found in South America from weird extracts of a particular kind of tree, leading online media Vice’s Ryan Duffy who flew to South America to take cognizance of what really happened to those who consumed ‘scopolamine’ was shocked beyond imagination.



A victim last remembered holding her son before taking a Bogota city bus, soon after which her son was missing, she was walking naked on a highway badly beaten. Incredibly shocking is the relative ease with which this drug can be transmitted onto others. All it needs is someone’s simple puff and blowing the powdery substance in suspended air. And then begins carnage.



From helping robbers ‘clean up’ their own homes to throwing away their own children, the drug’s victims have self-inflicted a series of bizarre traumas. Would you believe it? Columbia calls it ‘Devil’s breath’.